Update BlackBerry App World Terbaru v2.1.0.39

Update BlackBerry App World Terbaru v2.1.0.39, dengan beberapa fitur yang telah di perbaharui, yaitu:

In-app Payments – App World 2.1 includes support for in-app payments.

Filtered Featured Items – Featured Items are now filtered by carrier and country to ensure that you are presented with the most relevant apps as soon as you open App World.

Extended BBID Login Session – With this latest release, a single BBID login session lasts for 20 minutes, making it easier for you to download and install as many apps as you’d like in one go. Please remember that during the 20 minute BBID login session, you will not be prompted again for your BlackBerry ID to complete a purchase. If your BlackBerry smartphone gets in the hands of someone else, they could make a purchase that you’re not aware of.

Blackberry App World Update TerbaruDownload via browser BlackBerry anda:


Source: Berryindo

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5 Responses to Update BlackBerry App World Terbaru v2.1.0.39

  1. nanda says:

    pin 214b4a4a

  2. mira says:

    Pin: 24B2A7E4

  3. bambang says:

    Kenapa saya tidak bisa downlod app world blackberry

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